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Best HDMI Cables in 2023

Jul 18, 2023

Discover which HDMI cables are best for your setup with this complete guide.

Owning a few HDMI cables is essential if you have multiple devices you want to connect.

Set-top boxes, 4K Blu-ray players and consoles like the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 will come with HDMI cables right out of the box in order to for you to link them to your TV or monitor, though it never hurts to have a couple of spare options for linking up your laptop, projector or audio receiver, too.

The important thing to keep in mind with HDMI cables is that there's little variance in quality and features - the key things you need to know are the cable's length and the resolution quality it's capable of achieving.

Most on the list below are able to handle 4K resolution, and perhaps even 8K, but some max out at the likes of 1080p. Cable length also has the potential to measure anywhere between 1 - 100ft, but most people only need one that can stretch to around 6 - 10ft.

To help you explore some HDMI cables within these parameters, we've detailed some of the top picks below. Let's dive in.

Keep it simple

This option nails the basics for most users, while also coming in plenty of different sizes.

As we've already mentioned, HDMI cables are relatively basic propositions - so, it's only fitting that Amazon Basics has a place on this list.

You can pick up the lead in all kinds of sizes, but this 6ft option is a good, standard one to have spare if you're looking to connect something to your TV.

It's also able to achieve all the standard HDMI specs - such as 4K video at 60Hz - and comes in at a very affordable rate.

Top alternative

A future-proof HDMI cable that can handle the most demanding of streaming requirements.

It's got a price tag attached that might make you blush, but if you're looking to hook up your PlayStation 5 to a high-quality TV, you're going to want to ensure that you use the best possible cable, and this might just be that.

A chunky, reliable cable ending in bulky and durable connectors, this PowerA cable is HDMI 2.1 certified, so more powerful than any of the others on this list and meaning it's futureproof and can handle 4K at 120Hz or even 8K at 60Hz. That all adds up to a cable that should last you years.

High-spec and sturdy

Super durable and ready to link all your gadgets, supporting HDMI 2.1 and UHD 4K.

Another alternative to consider is Capshi's 6.6ft HDMI cable, offered in a braided design and able to meet the highest standards of audio and video transfer.

Also available in sizes ranging from 1 - 50ft, the lead supports UHD 4K resolutions and below, 48-bit colour, Dolby TrueHD 7.1 audio and ARC return.

Given that the lifespan of the cable is increased by that braided nylon design, it's perhaps the most durable option on this list.

Capshi suggests that it can withstand around 6,000 bends, which is great for those who want to move their lead around the home and fit it into tight corners.

Stock up

A perfect bundle for users who just need the basics.

For those who want to pick up multiple HDMI cables and don't necessarily care too much about the details, Huanuo's three-pack offers exceptional value.

Although only able to support 1080p resolutions and ARC return, the pack comes with three distinguishing ends to help you identify them - in blue, red and orange.

Keep in mind that you won't be able to achieve the absolute peak of HDMI transfer - such as 8K resolution, or even 4K - with these cables, but they are ideal for those who just require the basics.

Go long

Another solid and reliable cable - with plenty of options to mix up lengths and packages.

If you want the option of picking up more than one cable, consider PowerBear's 10ft HDMI cable.

While this listing is just for a singular lead, you do have the option of packing a pair or three together, as well as choosing from a range of different sizes.

As with others on this list, they also meet the standard HDMI threshold, achieving 4K video at 60Hz. As a nice bonus, they also support ARC ports and Dolby TrueHD 7.1.

Top alternative

Long-lasting and highly capable HDMI cable to help connect your devices.

iVanky offers up another alternative to HDMI hunters who want plenty of options. With this pick, you can choose from sizes between 0.5 - 50ft, with the braided nylon also available in either grey or red.

Naturally, given the slight increase in price, the lead is also able to meet much higher demands.

HDMI 2.0b and below, UHD 4K resolution and below, 48-bit colour, ARC return and Dolby TrueHD 7.1 are all catered for with this durable cable.

Picking the right HDMI cable could save you a lot of angst in the long run - here are some useful guiding questions to ask yourself about it.

The biggest variable when you're planning to buy a cable is around what you need it for. Are you hooking up a games console to a TV? Or, are you using it to connect a laptop to a projector, a tablet to a display or your computer to its monitor? These will define what technical specs you need to be seeking out, alongside letting you know what to look for on the compatibility side.

A key question that the information yielded by the above question will expose is whether you need 1080p or 4K resolutions. If you're just using a cable to power a small display, 1080p might be fine, but we think it's smarter to invest in a cable that will power 4K without issues, to future-proof your purchase.

Even a 4K cable might not be enough, though. If you want to power a high refresh rate display at frame rates over 60, you will need to splash out a little more to pick up a cable that can support either variable refresh rate (VRR) or 120Hz refresh rates. This will ensure you get the smooth gameplay or video playback you're craving.

Another key question that should count in your planning process is around the literal length of your cable. The best cable quality in the world doesn't matter if it's only a foot long, so be sure to check carefully that the cable you're ordering will actually reach between the two devices you're hoping to connect. Again, we think it's most sensible to get a bigger cable than you need, since there's no harm in some slack.

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