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Silverstone @ Computex 2023

Nov 17, 2023

SilverStone is a gold standard for high-end PC hardware, with a company mindset rivalled only by Noctua in my opinion. They had an insane amount of cool stuff, but let's focus on the star products for today. The Alta F2, a 1000 EUR titan of a case that's ungodly heavy only Thor himself could likely wield it.

It uses a 90-degree rotated configuration, much like their iconic Raven and Fortress series from years ago. This means the rear I/O and exhaust is all pointing upwards, for a bottom-to-top cooling flow pattern throughout the build. But the GPU is installed in the back left still, thanks to a unique angled mount and riser cable systems. It's angled at EXACTLY 11.3 degrees too, not just for show, but Silverstone said they did extensive testing on airflow and cooling and this just seems to be the best angle for it!

At the bottom, there are three 1800 Air Penetrator 184i PRO fans, with support for 480mm radiators throughout, extensive storage configuration and all the latest hardware, without breaking a sweat. Then again, if you’re dropping $800 on a case, you’re going to pretty much expect no less.

Would you own one of these beasts? I know I would, so long as I didn't have to ya know… pay for it.

Silverstone is another brand to get on the rear motherboard header bandwagon too with their C541 and C542 cases.

The motherboard cable routing simply isn't an issue as there are zero cables on the front of the build.

There's more space provided behind the motherboard than usual to deal with literally all of the cabling. As you can see, a range of unique cut-outs are provided to ensure the motherboard power, SATA, USB and more can all be hooked up from the back; out of sight, out of mind.

It's a great way to get a clean-looking build, but not ideal if you wanted to show off any sleeved cables, as there are simply no cables to be seen.

However, when it comes to truly whacked-out ideas, Silverstone is leading the pack. This is an AIO, that's normal enough, but wait… Are those add-on fan modules on the AIO pump? Yes, they are! What's hilarious though is you can stack up to 9 of these magnetically and turn them to whatever angle you need. So if you want more airflow to RAM or VRM, or just to create a unique aesthetic, well, you can, and while it looks a bit daft and bonkers, well… we love it, it's just a really fun twist on cooling.

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Peter Donnell