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Sound Advice: Enhance summer fun with video projector bargain

Dec 21, 2023

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Febfoxs 1080P video projector and 120-inch screen. (Don Lindich/TNS)

Get a really nice high-definition video projector for $82.99: Regular readers of the column know I love video projection and the big-screen experience. Many are interested, but hesitant to buy an expensive projector because they are not sure how much they will use it. Well, get ready to join the club! I recently found a satisfying high-definition projector that can be used for movies, television, video gaming or business presentations, and I bought it for well under $100.

A few weeks ago I saw the $164.99 Febfoxs 1080p projector on Amazon with a checkbox coupon that reduced the price to under $100. The current checkbox coupon is $82 off, making the price $82.99. It has an LED light source that never needs to be replaced, two HDMI inputs, screen mirroring with Android and iOS devices, and native 1080p resolution. The reviews were good (4.3/5 stars with over 325 reviews) and the specs enticing, so given the final price I bought one thinking readers would love it if it was any good.

Well, you are going to love it, and it is amazing for $82.99. The Febfoxs projector includes a soft-sided case and is well put-together, making a very positive first impression. An HDMI cable and composite audio/video input cable are included. I’ll get the main negative out of the way before I go over the many positives. I tried screen mirroring with my iOS devices and it was frustrating and buggy. I suggest you not bother with mirroring and only use the HDMI ports. You can buy a $17 HDMI to USB-C or HDMI to Lightning cable and use a wired connection for a hassle-free experience. You can also connect streaming sticks from Roku or Amazon, cable/satellite boxes, Blu-ray players and video game systems for immersive big-screen gaming. It makes a decent business projector, too.

As would be expected, the picture quality isn't up to the standard of much pricier projectors, but everything looks quite good and it effortlessly puts up a really big image that is satisfying to watch. The Amazon listing says images up to 250 inches, which seems ambitious, but I projected at 120 inches and it handled it very well, impressing me. Focusing is easy and a separate lever adjusts for keystone effect if the projector is tilted. I was also pleased with the built-in speaker, which has solid sound and presents easy-to-understand dialogue. You can project on a white wall, but the projector is good enough that a screen is a worthwhile investment. Look for a 16:9 screen 100 inches or bigger, preferably 1.1 gain. They are under $100 on Amazon, and there are also simple $20 screens available that hang on the wall with included adhesive hooks.

The holidays are six month away, but it's such a nifty product and fantastic value that it is worth snagging one and putting it away for someone special. It's not every day someone gets a video projector of their own, and I think movie lovers, sports fans and video gamers will be thrilled with their new toy. Of course it can be used now, indoors and outdoors, for summer fun and backyard movie nights. See the Febfoxs 1080P projector at Amazon, and if you visit I have a page with screen and accessory suggestions to accompany the projector.

Q. Will a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player also play regular 1080p Blu-ray discs?

—R.R., Milwaukee

A. 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray players can play 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray discs, regular Blu-ray discs, DVDs and CDs. I consider them a must-have if you want to play discs on a 4K TV.


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