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Anker's best USB

Apr 24, 2023

It supports 8K displays, 100W charging, and it works with USB-C devices

Whether you need to charge a device at 100W, transfer data at lightning-fast speeds, or connect an 8K display, this Anker Thunderbolt 4 cable can get the job done. It's backwards compatible with all USB-C devices, and today's discount brings it down to its all-time low price.

All USB-C cables are not created equal. Compare the generic black or gray cable that is included with accessories like charging stands, or some budget Android phones, to this Thunderbolt 4 cable from Anker — they aren't even in the same ballpark. This Anker cable supports the newest, fastest Thunderbolt standard, and is backwards-compatible with older generations, as well as all USB-C devices. It can handle 40Gbps data transfer speeds, 100W charging, and up to two 4K displays, and right now it's on sale for just $32.

This Thunderbolt 4 cable is essentially an "everything" cable for all of your USB-C and Thunderbolt devices. As mentioned, not only is it compatible with the newest generation of Thunderbolt tech, but it's also backwards-compatible with older generations, as well as all USB-C devices, and even DisplayPort. So this one cable is capable of handling everything from charging your smartphone or tablet at high speeds to connecting multiple displays to your Chromebook or laptop.

What's so special about Thunderbolt 4? TB4 offers a handful of improvements over its predecessor, including double the minimum bandwidth (32Gb/s vs. 16Gb/s) for data transfers, and the ability to connect two 4K displays to your computer, or a single 8K. The technology is relatively new, but there are already a number of devices that support it, including Chromebooks like the Acer Spin 714 and HP Dragonfly Pro, and various external storage solutions. And needless to say, many more are on the way.

This is the cable with the highest-end specs that Anker makes, outside its new 240W charging version, at its lowest price ever. With that in mind, and given the company's excellent track record in the charging accessory space, grabbing one (or several) of these cables, on sale, seems like a no-brainer. Do it while you have the chance.

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