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Baseus Launches Its Upgraded Ultra

Oct 29, 2023

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09 Jun, 2023, 13:00 ET

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HONG KONG, June 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Baseus just launched their new product, an ultra-thin yet compact laptop battery pack, the Baseus Blade HD Series 100W Power Bank.

Baseus introduced upgrades to its ultra-slim battery pack, incorporating more advanced battery cells for higher efficiency and redesigning the entire circuit layout to reduce the size by ⅓. It supports PD 100W fast charging, and houses a 20,000mAh capacity just like its predecessor, making it an ideal backup power source for your laptop whether you are on a business trip or out and about.

Ultra-Slim Form Factor

Above all, the 0.7 inches laptop-thin design of this power bank sets it apart from its competitors with the same power output and capacity. As a laptop power bank to tuck in your bag, eliminating bulkiness is the key concept behind.

100W Laptop Fast Charging

With a fast charging speed of up to 100W, this power bank is compatible with USB C laptops supporting PD 3.0, such as MacBooks, ChromeBooks, and more, providing a quick charge for crucial scenarios. Tests using the included USB C to C cable demonstrate that a 14" MacBook Pro can reach up to 47% charge in just 30 minutes, and the 20,000mAh capacity offers 0.88 charges. For iPhone 14 Pro Max users, you can expect up to 55% charge in 30 minutes, and the capacity providing 2.8 charges. Moreover, the Type-C port supports PD 60W input that was tested to only take 1.2 hours to fully replenish the battery pack using the included USB C to C cable teamed with at least a 60W charger (not included).

Quad-Port Fast Charging with Smart Power Allocation

Featuring 2 USB C and 2 USB A ports on the top edge, this power bank allows you fast charging up to 4 devices simultaneously, whether you need to charge a laptop, smartphone, AirPods, or compatible wearables on the go. The built-in smart chip intelligently allocates the ideal power for each device, ensuring an optimal charging performance. It delivers more power to hungry devices while providing just the right amount for low-consumption gadgets, thereby extending their battery lifespan. And, to ensure your devices' safety, the chip provides as well protections against overcurrent, overvoltage, short circuit, and more.

Multi-Protocol Compatible

To cater to a wide range of electronic devices, the Baseus Blade HD series 100W Laptop Power Bank is compatible with all the major fast charging protocols, including PD (Power Delivery), Qualcomm's QC (Quick Charge) majorly for Android devices, PPS (Programmable Power Supply) exclusively for Samsung's high-end lineups, and more, that most devices support.

The Blade Series and other Baseus 65W battery packs aim to fulfil the power needs of a laptop when you are away from a fixed location with no sockets at your reach.

About Baseus

Baseus is a consumer electronics brand founded in 2011 bearing in mind "Simple for More", creating seamlessly practical and aesthetic products for young tech enthusiasts. It integrates design, research and development, as well as production and sales. For more information, please visit

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