Plugable’s new USB hubs are small in size, even smaller in price
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Plugable’s new USB hubs are small in size, even smaller in price

May 26, 2023

Effective expansion on-the-go

Plugable is one of those brands that does just about everything. Whether you’re looking to pick up one of the best docking stations on the market, the best Bluetooth adapters, or even just some quality, reliable cables – Plugable has a little bit of everything you need. Now, for those of you looking for a price-friendly port extension, Plugable has a little bit more thanks to its latest additions to an already impressive lineup of USB hubs.

Legacy port support is a problem with most modern laptops. The thinner we make them, the less space we’ve left to cram in a decent selection of I/O. It's a constant back and forth between form and function that, thankfully, the best USB Type-C hubs can go some way to solving.

However, at that point you often have to contend with Power Delivery, external monitor support, and a myriad of other features being thrown into the mix. Honestly, things can rapidly spiral out of control when looking to invest in a new bit of kit.

That's why sometimes the simplest solution is the best solution. Plugable's latest USB hubs are straightforward, no-fuss hubs that seek to provide ample support for legacy devices without causing clutter, unnecessary features, and without breaking the bank.

There's nothing worse than investing in one of the best laptops money can buy, only to find that its brief selection of Thunderbolt 4 ports leave your legacy USB peripherals homeless – and even if there is a USB Type-A port available, the one or two thrown in there just might not be enough to keep your workstation running at full tilt.

Thankfully, Plugable's latest USB-C hub (USBC-HUB4A) and USB 3.0 hub (USB3-HUB4A) are trim, trouble-free, and tidy little devices that offer four high-speed USB 3.0 ports capable of transfer speeds of up to 5Gbps to the host laptop or device.

Plugable USB-C Hub: $12.95 $9.95 @ Amazon.comPlugable's pint-sized, port-expanding USB Type-C hub is ideal if your laptop is a little short on legacy ports. Plug the device into any free Type-C USB port and you'll instantly have access to four USB 3.0 Type-A ports with transfer rates of up to 5Gbps.

Plugable's bus-powered hubs require no external power supply and no software to install. Just connect one of these hubs to your machine and you’re already good to go. Connect everything from keyboards, mice, thumb drives, wireless receivers for peripherals and more to give your desktop or workspace an instant productivity boost.

Each hub is also compact, durable and lightweight enough in design to make for a perfect travel companion – meaning you’ll never have to be without the expanded functionality of your setup at work, at home, or anywhere in between.

Both hubs are also universally compatible with a great range of operating systems including Windows, macOS, ChromeOS and Linux. These plug-and-play devices can instantly expand the potential of your port-constrained device – and better still, it’ll hardly cost you a thing.

You can pick up both of these hubs today, right now in fact, at with a starting price of just $12.95. Plugable has also sweetened the deal further by granting early adopters a fantastic $3 launch coupon, shaving the already low cost of each device down to just $9.95 for a limited time – act fast!

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Plugable USB-C Hub: $12.95 $9.95 @