Save an extra 20% on AVAPOW A58 car battery jump starter
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Save an extra 20% on AVAPOW A58 car battery jump starter

May 14, 2023

Every driver is surely always scared of the car battery dying at the worst moment possible. Somewhere slightly out of civilisation, where the help is really not close by. And we all know such thing can have a pretty simple solution. At least with the modern means, gadgets and devices. Like with the AVAPOW A58 car battery jump starter. And today we have for you a pretty good discount for it, making it even better buy. So let's get down to it.

AVAPOW A58 car battery jump starter is equipped with 4000A peak current, that can start all 12V cars, gas and up diesel 10L ones. Including the hybrids, motorcycles, ATVs, lawnmovers, snowmobiles and such. The new boost button can now jump start even the completely dead battery as well. Huge 27.800 mAh battery is enough to start the car about 40 times and thanks to dual USB 3.0 ports you can even use it for charging your other devices. There are also 3 LED lightning modes available – Spotlight/Strobe/SOS.

The dustproof and shock resistant design is always a plus as well. Makers are pretty proud about the clamps, because they have put quite some effort there. The clamps feature a double-layered metal interior for improved conductivity, enabling faster car starts and excellent insulation. Also the cables are crafted from eight-gauge copper wire, which is not only more conductive but also more expensive than the ten-gauge copper wire used by most market suppliers.

But enough about pure specs, what about the promised discount ? Well on the official website the AVAPOW A58 is already slashed to $99.99, but we can do better than that. Just use the discount coupon 6GZSPZH69QGW for extra 20% off ! Alternatively you can buy it on Amazon as well, if you would prefer that. More information is always available on the official website or the official Facebook.

AVAPOW is an innovative brand of jump starters founded by a young engineer, who recognized the common problem of low battery power during travel. With a commitment to providing efficient, stable, and safe products to consumers, he established a company that focuses on developing cutting-edge jump starters. AVAPOW's mission is to provide customers with the highest quality products and services, ensuring peace of mind during travel. The brand continues to focus on research and development to offer even more advanced and intelligent jump starter products to its customers.