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Dec 24, 2023

ProScreenCast provides integrated solutions for wireless screen sharing and digital signage. This is a scalable solution with a significant return on investment, including reduced meeting downtime and IT maintenance. SC01 doesn't need an app, and WiFi (When there is no WiFi, you can only project what your device has downloaded to the big screen), plug-n-play. Ideal for hotels, home theatres and meetings. Internal and guest presenters can easily share their screens in an instant, improving the overall work and learning experience, while increasing productivity and participation.

This is nothing new in the tech world but it offer users portability and more options than other screen cast devices out there and is multiplatform with no app required, you do however get a dashboard to work from to change the settings to your needs and of course you need the right equipment to handle it and things stand out in 4K as you will see in the video below.



First connect the WiFi of the receiver to the mobile phone, the name is "ProScreenCast-xxxxxx", and the password is 12345678.Next, enter "" or scan the QR code to search in the browser.Finally, click "Resolution" and select "3840p / 2160p / 60p". The device supports high bit rate 60Hz, and 30p and 60p can be selected as needed.


The first step is to click WIFI on the phone settings page to locate and connect the device SC01 (name: ProScreenCast-xxxxxx, password: 12345678).The second step is to type in the mobile / tablet browser.The third step is to click "Resolution" and select "3840p / 2160p / 60p". The device supports high bit rate 60Hz, and 30p and 60p can be selected as needed.

Note: to transmit 4K video, make sure your monitor, video source, and HDMI cable support 4K@60Hz (HDMI 2.0). You can adjust the output resolution by setting to match your monitor. At the same time, you can turn HDR on and off.When you enter the IP address and see the WiFi settings page, you can first click the arrow icon in the upper left corner to exit the page, and then select the resolution settings.



Video Review

Set-Up Features True 4K@60Hz With HDR: Low Latency: Wide Compatibility: Easy To Setup, No App Required: Small And Portable: 10% OFF For Your First Order! (Code: ICAST)