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Dec 01, 2023

Hylec-APL has revamped its tool-less Debox SL junction box to make it easier to use.

Now the 16A four-circuit UL/VDE-compliant terminal block inside has green twin-lever actuators that visually stand-out against the white interior, and the levers need only a fingertip push to open or close them fully.

Labelling on the levers is ‘N’ for neutral, ‘E’ for earth and then ‘1’ and ‘2’.

Round or flat cable can be accommodated with conductors between 0.5 and 2.5mm diameter. The push-fit cable clamps comply with the EN60670-22 pull test.

The lid can be locked closed with the included locking clip and, if required, secured to external structures with pop-out mounting ears in the lid. A spare locking clip included should the box need to be opened and re-closed.

Teh plastic is flame-retardant UL 94 V0 polypropylene, conformant to the EN60598-1 650°C glow wire test.

The original Debox SL, according to the company, was the first completely tool-less in-line electrical junction box when it was launched seven years ago, and it has "sold millions of units since".

The company sees it being used to wire LED lighting and mains power applications. "Convenience for the electrical professional are at the heart of the design: all components are supplied and there are no loose components that can be dropped or lost," it said.

Steve Bush